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Get Rid of Neck & Back Pain

Employers and students spend an average of 6.5 hours per day working on their laptops, and 80% experience constant back and neck pain. The most important cause of neck pain is the wrong sitting posture for hours consistently, so doctors advise using a laptop stand continuously because it greatly prevents arching of the back and pressure on the neck while sitting for hours. Technology experts have also reported that a laptop stand extends the life of a laptop because it helps the internal fan cool the laptop dramatically. Don’t miss this offer.


Police praised the importance of it

Around 80% of all accidents occur when your eyes off the road for 3 seconds or more. As an object falls between the driver’s seat it causes distraction from the road greatly. The US San Francisco County Police have received a number of accidents caused by items falling between the seat and the distraction. For this reason, the police reported the importance of a gap filler presence in all cars. Read the benefits

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