Car Collection ( 2 Leather gap filler + 1 Mini car trash)

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The US police praised the importance of this product

Don’t get distracted while driving!!

Around 80% of all accidents occur when your eyes off the road for 3 seconds or more. As an object falls between the driver’s seat it causes distraction from the road greatly. The US San Francisco County Police have received a number of accidents caused by items falling between the seat and the distraction. For this reason, the police reported the importance of a gap filler presence in all cars. Read the benefits.

  • Forget the suffering of objects falling between your seats: we guarantee 100% that no object will fall, otherwise, you will get a Full Refund.
  • Make your car cleaner and tidy: you will notice the difference right away, because it prevents the accumulation of dirt.
  • Prevents you from getting distracted when driving: you will never get distracted by items falling between the seats or bags rolling on the back seat.
  • The set is suitable for all luxury and daily cars, four wheels and saloons, and for all interior colors.
  • Lasts with you for Years: The set is made of high-quality materials, to withstand heat, not be affected by liquids, and resistant to breakage.
  • Easy to install and remove.
Limited Offer:
  • 2 pcs gap filler to prevent any object from falling between the seat
  • 1 modern waste bin to keep the car clean
  • With free shipping to your doorstep
  • No VAT tax

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Gap filler:

  • High-quality flexible leather that resists heat, is unaffected by liquids, and lasts for years.
  • Size 46 * 6 cm. Suitable for luxury and daily cars, four wheels, and saloons.
  • The black color makes the gap filler hidden and suits other colors.

Modern waste bin:

  • Environmentally friendly: High-quality plastic, to withstand heat, prevent leakage of liquids.
  • Absorb an impressive amount: Size 16.5 x 8.8 cm.
  • Light gray color. Designed to facilitate the emptying of garbage in (petrol station, home, work, etc.)

Omar Al Wahibi

I ordered this offer for my brother. After trying it for a month, he sat thanking me and telling me that I didn’t know that there are such products that make your life easier, the first of them is fall prevention, forget the suffering of your things falling and eating between the seat. The seat hanger, you can leave the work bag in it without disturbing you while you are reassured. The modern litter size and shape is terrible and practical, as you throw dirt such as bills, tissue, and others. I recommend this offer to anyone

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