2 Digital Luggage Scale

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This scale is considered the best and companion on the road when traveling because it has great benefits and saves you money when traveling. This product helps you not to be subject to weight fines at the airport and adhere to the specified weight, so the airport employees do not dare to talk about it because they want to fine you and get more money if you exceed the weight by only 5 kg, you will pay more than the value of the scale, what if you were fined For a round trip, you will definitely pay many times its value. Make sure to avoid unnecessary expenses when traveling.

  •  Avoid Overweight Fees: Weigh your bag and save before paying fees and time when waiting in line. The scale has a high-precision sensor and a rubber handle surface bearing 50kg, the accuracy is 50g.
  • The battery lasts for a long time: The device has an automatic shutdown feature to conserve time and energy. The low battery indicator sign also appears on the screen.
  • Ideal for travelers: Lightweight and compact, you can carry it everywhere you go and avoid overweight luggage.
  • Ensures that sensitive luggage is at optimum temperature: The device has a thermal sensor that measures the temperature of sensitive luggage to ensure its safety (such as food, electronics, etc.)
  • Wild usage: You can measure travel bags, products in supermarkets, vegetables and fruits in farmers markets, and packages for shipping.
  • Easy to read and use: Contains units of kilograms, pounds for weight, celsius, and Fahrenheit for heat. The screen can be read easily even in the dark (LCD)
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  • 2 pcs Luggage Scale to avoids paying weight fees when traveling.Note: In airports, if you exceed the weight by 5 kg only, you will pay more than the value of the scale
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2 pcs luggage digital scale

  • Strong & high-quality: the scale can read up to 50kg weight with 50g high precision.
  • Easy to pack & use: Scale size is 13*4.3*3 cm, with 0.130 kg weight only.
  • Very useful: designed to be easy to pack + LCD screen that makes it easy to read in dark too.
  • Modern color: The color is black & silver.
  • Durable belt: a high-quality belt that can hold a very heavyweight easily.

Hasina Mohsin

This product is great! It is small in size and saved us money at the airport. My husband and I traveled and on the way back some bags weighed over the limit. We distributed the items equally in the bags and the scale was very useful. When we arrived at the airport, the weight came out accurate, almost the same as what the scale had said. I never expected that buying a weighing scale would be useful and sweet because it is light and small.

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