Office Collection ( 1 strong laptop stand + 1 screen cleaner + 2 camera covers)

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1 strong laptop stand + 1 screen cleaner + 2 camera covers

Your products are strange, what is their benefit?

Let us explain to you the reason for the importance of the laptop stand, because without the laptop stand, everyone bends their back and brings their eyes close to the screen to see in a clearer way, and this negatively affects the back vertebrae and causes very annoying pain and makes the shape of your back arched. The exact opposite, with the laptop holder, makes your laptop close to you and be at the level of your eyes, so never bend your back and forget the neck pain after today and the arched back. *Comes with a small bag*

  • This screen cleaner is designed for your convenience. The fingerprints and dust on your screen are cleaned in less than 5 seconds, spray and wipe with the same product while you are in the comfort of your chair، and it will help you to make your laptop and desk tidy and clean *Comes with a protective dust cover*
  • The camera cover gives you complete privacy and comfort because no one can spy on you, nor show your face by mistake during an online meeting (Stay Safe), and the good thing is that it fits all laptops and you will get two pieces of it.
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