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3 Secrets you must know about storage

Don’t keep your storage items face this!!

Storing items for long periods of time exposes them to germs and dirt, and this changes their appearance and color dramatically, especially if they are exposed to moisture and unpleasant odors. The biggest obstacle is that stored items take up a lot of space. Forget all this suffering with air storage bags because they will keep your things from germs and dirt, and will not be exposed to unpleasant odors, and will avoid them from water. What distinguishes it is that it takes up space by 80%, and this makes storage very easy.

  •  Saves up to 3X more storage space: Eliminates air and clutter, reduces original volume by 80% for quilts and pillows and 60% for clothes and blankets.
  • Puncture Resistance, Water, Dust, & Odor Resistant: Made of 5-layers film that’s softer than regular film and works well to resist punctures, odors, dust, and water.
  • Free Travel Pump Included: When traveling you want to utilize any space, so you don’t have to carry a lot of luggage. Just use the free travel pump it comes with storage bags, it is easy to use and small in size, convenient for travel.
  • Reusable for many and long times: 150% thicker than other bags to resist punctures, long life, protect against water, dust, & odors.
  • Wild usage: Not only for storing clothes but also for quilts and blankets. The bags are suitable for carrying while traveling to take advantage of spaces. It can be used to store pillow, blanket, clothes, luggage, and more and offers plenty of storage space.
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  • 8 pcs Vacuum Storage Bags – To avoid storage space, and clean storage
  • 1 Travel Pump for free – easy to use
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  • 8 pcs vacuum bags
    • 3pcs Large: (80*100 cm, fits 10-12 sweaters & several winter jumpers or items like a pillow)
    • 2 pcs medium: (60*80 cm, fits 8-10 sweaters or 1-2 winter coats)
    • 3pcs small: (50*70 cm, fits 6-8 sweaters or towels)
  • Saves 80% of space: it is designed to save 80% of blankets, clothes, sheets, etc.
  • Durable plastic film: Made up from extra thick & flexible PA & PE plastic, puncture resistance
  • Hand travel pump for free (included)
  • Colorless.
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Hasan Al Lawati

I bought many types of storage bags and none of them are of the same quality. I didn’t need to use the hand pump to vacuum the air. The second bags were suffering and it was impossible for one person to do the work, but now the situation is different and easy. Thank you for this helpful offer and great service.

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